JobFinder Formula

JobFinder Formula

5 Essential Steps to Landing a Job You Love...

Getting a job offer for that fantastic new opportunity is one of the best feelings. 

We all want a job that's fulfilling, impactful, and utilizes our greatest strengths. 

As a career coach and former recruiter, I've been able to gain insight on why some job seekers really impress employers and land an offer quickly, while others spin their wheels and fail to stand out. 

I've seen what works and what doesn't -- which strategies are worth your effort and the ones that are a waste of time.

This knowledge and experience have motivated me to create a structured job search system, taking job seekers from assessing what they truly want in their next role...all the way to nailing that final interview question. 

I remove the guesswork, the head scratching...the "what am I doing wrong??"

So, let me introduce...

In this program you'll learn how to target the right jobs, create marketing materials that will grab the attention of employers, and confidently communicate your value in interviews, all while tapping the hidden job market.

This 5-module program is broken down into step-by-step videos -- and includes loads of worksheets, tools, and templates to keep you on track. 

As you go through this program, you'll feel more clear and focused, your confidence will grow, and you'll uncover opportunities you were never aware of.

Let's take a look at each module:

What You'll Discover in Module 1:

❖  How to determine exactly what you want and DON'T want in your next job 

❖  How to uncover your talents, passions, work styles and preferences in order to ensure the right career fit 

❖  6 strategies for evaluating your top skill sets 

❖  How to improve upon skills you may need in your next role

❖  Why a personal branding statement is so important and how to create one 

Extras Include:

 Professional assessments and questionnaire, top skill sets and personal branding worksheets

What You'll Discover in Module 2: 

 5 reasons why LinkedIn is so critical in your job search

 How to build an eye-catching and optimized LinkedIn profile that will allow employers to find YOU

 How to tap the hidden job market -- the 50-80% of jobs that aren't posted online 

 The best way to network with employees at your target companies and get referred -- use my scripts

  How LinkedIn can help you discover the right career path when you're still unclear

Extras Include:

 LinkedIn profile checklist, networking scripts, informational interview questions, career path and target company worksheets

What You'll Discover in Module 3:

 How to create an effective resume that can make it through the applicant tracking system and in front of a HUMAN'S eyes

 What to do when you have resume gaps or are currently unemployed

 The 3 questions your cover letter should always answer

 What to know about applying for jobs online -- and 8 tips for success

 How following up after applying for a job can make ALL the difference

Extras Include:

 Resume and cover letter samples, ATS tips, follow-up templates, and email finder tools

What You'll Discover in Module 4: 

 Why social media can both help and HURT your job search

 How Facebook and Twitter can lead you to your next role

 How to find the right in-person networking opportunities to land a job quicker

 What to do before, during, and after a networking event to make the most of it

❖  How to create an industry-related blog to stand out as a job seeker

Extras Include:

✓  Online networking checklist, in-person networking tips, blog post ideas

What You'll Discover in Module 5: 

 How employers evaluate you during an interview 

 3 critical areas to prepare before the interview

 What behavioral interview questions are and how to tackle them

 Which questions to ask and NOT ask at the end of the interview

  How to follow up after an interview so you don't make the wrong impression 

Extras Include:

✓ Interview questions to prepare, thank you note and follow-up scripts

**BONUS - Private Facebook Group

  When you join JobFinder Formula, you're also invited to join my new private, members-only Facebook group

  I will be in this group regularly to answer your questions, provide feedback and accountability, and motivate you to stay on track

◉  Group members will be able to network with and support each other, share their challenges, personal job search experiences, and success stories


 You can go through the program at your own pace with 24-hr access to the material

 You get lifetime access to the program and private Facebook group

 You'll receive all future program updates and added content

What's included?

23 Videos
1 Text
Janna Kefalas
Janna Kefalas
Certified Professional Career Coach

About the instructor

I thoroughly enjoy helping job seekers find a job they love in the quickest and most stress-free way possible. As founder of ForwardThink Careers, I demystify the hiring process and arm my clients with the tools they need to land that great new role.  

With a background in HR and recruiting in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, I've read thousands of resumes and cover letters, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and made over a hundred job offers. I'm here to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and get hired faster.

Who is this program for?

This program can help anyone who is: 

  feeling frustrated or confused in their job search, wanting more clarity on the best tactics and strategies to employ

►  ready to double down and do a SERIOUS job search -- and not just blindly wing it 

►  making a career pivot and looking for tools and guidance on how to find the right career path

►  unhappy in their current job and wanting a little push to get their job hunt started

►  realizing they need a little (or a lot of) feedback, support, and accountability to stay on track

Who is this program NOT for?

This program is effective across industries, but it might not be suitable for someone who is: 

►  a C-level executive -- they'd probably be better served working with an executive coach

  looking for overnight results and not willing to dive in and do the necessary work 

 making a major career change which will require years of school or training before beginning a job search

Money is a little tight. Why should I pay for this program?

When you're doing a job search, it's easy to think, "Why should I pay money? I need someone to pay ME." But if investing a small amount in your career now helps you land a higher paying job quicker, it's completely worth it.

I also find that when you pay for something, you have more skin in the game and are more likely to take real action.

Something to consider -- if your next job pays a minimum of $40,000, you'll make this investment back in your first few days of work (and much quicker at a higher salary).

What if I need more help with my job search?

Aside from the private Facebook group, you can purchase two 60-min coaching sessions (see Option #2 below). I can give you more in-depth feedback and guidance, tailored to your unique situation. 

What's your refund policy?

I offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, email me within 7 days of purchase, and I'll give you a full refund.

To ask any questions not listed here, please email

"I first got acquainted with Janna through her blog. I found her insights and advice right on target with my experience in the market. I was in transition between jobs last year and decided to take her JobFinder course. 

It was just the boost I needed to catch up on the latest with LinkedIn and develop my game plan. My resume presented well after I added the metrics Janna recommended. I can't say enough about Janna's course if you are in transition or trying to change careers, she is truly an expert who cares."

Romona W., Dir, Project Management, Kansas City

"Janna played a large part in my recent job search. She assisted me in navigating through challenging questions that came up during the interview process and provided tips during negotiation once I got the job offer. 

I found the online program JobFinder Formula extremely helpful. After viewing the videos and completing the worksheets, I felt prepared for interviews and even looked forward to them. I highly recommend working with Janna. She is an extremely knowledgeable, results-driven career coach."

Irena K., Client Services, Chicago

“Janna was invaluable throughout my first job search. In one-on-one sessions we worked on improving my resume, leveraging my network, and even responding to job offers. Coming from academia there was a lot I didn’t fully understand about job searching, but Janna helped me understand the process and stand out as an applicant.

Her video courses and worksheets (JobFinder Formula) also helped me think about what kind of job and career I really wanted, in addition to providing interview prep strategies and cover letter tips. Most importantly, Janna was wonderful to work with; I can’t recommend her enough.”

Oliver E., Systems Engineer, Greater Los Angeles Area

"I had the good fortune of having Janna in my corner during my job search. She really knows the ins and outs of job hunting. She helped me with my resumes and cover letters so that they were focused on what I had really accomplished in my career, both soft and hard skills. Janna also helped me answer the difficult interview questions in a concise and organized way, generally pointing me in the right direction - she knows the questions!! As my interviewing skills improved, I started getting positive feedback from my interviewers and ultimately landed a new position." 

Steve O., Data Analyst, Los Angeles

“I am so very glad that I found Janna! She came into my life at exactly when I needed her the most. I was floundering in my job search, had little direction and a lot of fear. Janna’s positive and caring character and years of experience as a recruiter make her the PERFECT coach for those who are feeling vulnerable and lost in their job search. She gave me constructive, helpful advice and the practical tools I needed to stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, Janna’s support helped me feel confident about myself as a job candidate, and that has made all the difference in the world." 

Carrie S., Marketing & Communication Specialist, Greater Los Angeles Area

"I truly enjoyed working with Janna during my job search. She helped me draft my cover letter and resume to make them concise, focused and tailored to the job description. She helped me prepare for interviews and the best ways to answer questions so I could do so in an organized and concise manner, highlighting my accomplishments. Lastly, she helped me assess the offer I did get! My new employer even upped the initial salary offer. I highly recommend her services."

Alberto R., Principal, Greater Los Angeles Area 

Option #1 - JobFinder Formula (Online Program Only) - $297

Join Now - $297

Option #2 - JobFinder Formula + Two 60-Min Coaching Calls - $447

Need a litte extra support? 1-on-1 coaching (done over Skype) can be a real game changer when it comes to fast-tracking your job search. I'm there to give you honest feedback and guidance -- and that extra push to take action. (Coaching calls must be used within 4 months of purchase.)

You can use each coaching session for either: 1) Resume Review, 2) LinkedIn Profile Review, 3) Job Search Strategy, or 4) Mock Interview

Join Now - $447

Your career matters -- take action today.